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On landscapes and cleared property, caring for Trees and Shrubs presents complicated issues you would not find in a natural enviroment. As they grow they are subject to thick inner and lower growth. This phenomena does not occur under a solid forest canopy, (which would be in the natural state).  In our urban environment sunlight is plentiful due to the spaciousness, thus lush and un-natural growth occurs. Removing this un-natural growth lessens 'wind drag' which will allow winds to rush through the canopy instead of acting as a fan and blowing the tree apart or down.

All urban trees lack protection from other trees and are damaged by high winds, sustaining broken limbs. When this occurs, the remaining portion of the limb or stub should be flushed off so that the tree can heal itself properly. Leaving them to their natural ability to shed broken limbs could cause decay in the trunk of the limb or tree and  attracts harmful insects. (termites, carpenter ants, etc.) Cutting these broken limbs flush to the healthy part of the tree enables the tree to properly heal itself.

All urban trees need an experienced arborist to maintain them during the course of their life. Tree trimming, fertilization and mulching are all methods to assure your trees stay healthy.


Fertilization provides nutrients on a bi-annual basis that cause your trees and shrubs to grow healthy and strong. Healthy trees not only increase the value of your property but also enhance aesthetic beauty. Most urban trees do not have the benefit of mother natures' ability to manufacture  nutrients that allow them to repair themselves from damage as they would in a natural forest environment. See above link for more information.

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