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Why DO I Have to Trim My Trees Anyway? ......

  On residential and commercial landscapes, caring for trees and shrubs presents complicated issues you would not find in a natural environment. As our ornamental plants mature,  they are subject to thick inner and lower growth. This phenomena does not occur under a solid forest canopy, due to light conditions that differ in a natural environment.  
    In urban environments, sunlight is plentiful, which  causes lush and unnatural growth.  Such growth is a breeding ground for insects, fungal and bacterial infections and other various diseases.  Trimming this growth keeps your trees from becoming diseased, while aesthetically beautifying your property.  Another effect of this unnaturally thick growth is very dangerous limbs that can become broken and detached during storms.  The weight of the rain combined with high winds is what causes dangerous limbs to fall.  Keeping your trees trimmed regularly lessens limb drag. This  allows winds to flow unhindered through the canopy,  as opposed to blowing the tree apart or down.

So What Happens If I Let Nature Take It's Course? .....

    All urban trees lack protection from other trees and are damaged by high winds, sustaining broken limbs. When this occurs, the remaining portion of the limb or stub should be flushed off so that the tree can heal itself properly. Allowing these broken limbs to linger causes decay in the middle of the limb, which spreads to the trunk of the tree. Not only will this cause the tree to possibly fall, interior decay attracts a variety of harmful insects.  Cutting these broken limbs flush to the healthy part of the tree enables the tree to properly heal itself.  Letting nature take it's course results in dead, dangerous and diseased trees that threaten your property and even worse, people. Falling limbs and trees are, unfortunately, the cause of many injuries and lawsuits. 

    Your trees and shrubs are a vital and valuable part of your property. Only an experienced arborist can maintain them correctly during the course of their life. Tree trimming, fertilization, proper mulching, and regular inspections is the way to assure your trees stay healthy. This avoids costly tree removals and possible accidents.


Fertilization provides nutrients on a bi-annual basis that encourage your trees and shrubs to grow healthy and strong. Healthy trees increase the value of your property and are a beautiful part of the overall landscape of your home/business.  Urban enviroments simply do not have the nutrients available to sustain large trees over the course of their lifetime. Supplementing nutrients into your soil allows your trees to repair themselves from damage as they would in a natural forest environment. Visit our Fertilization page for more in depth information.

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