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Deep Root Fertilization

This is the most effective method to fertilize trees. This process injects a water and fertilizer mixture under high pressure 8 to 10 inches below the soil surface, right where the feeder roots are. The injections are placed in a grid pattern in and around the tree’s drip line.

There are many advantages to fertilizing this way. The high pressure injection forces the water fertilizer mix throughout the root zone, which not only feeds all the roots, but also reduces soil compaction and encourages additional root zone aeration. Depending upon your plant varieties, and their general state of health, this deep root injection fertilizer technique may be suggested at various times throughout the season, although spring and fall are generally the best times of the season.

Even though your trees and shrubs may appear to “look healthy” today, call us for an analysis and our recommendations on a Deep Root Fertilization program to help keep them healthy and strong for years to come. Also contact us to learn more about our complete tree trimming services
Everything on your landscape benefits from fertilization:

~ Large to Small Trees
~New Garden Beds
~Existing Garden Beds
~Woody and Tender Perennials
Fertilization is an AFFORDABLE investment!
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Tree Fertilization Service Baton Rouge

We only use 100% organic tree magic by Nitron Industries.

We use tree magic in our fertilizing tree services. Tree Magic works by combining enzymes, seaweed, fish extract, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, iron, manganese, zinc, and other growing advocates into a fast acting liquid formula that has the advantage of carrying the nutrient mixture directly to the root zone. The tree creates new root growth, absorbing the liquid and using the vitamins and minerals to keep the tree at peak health.  This type of fertilization helps reduce the need for tree removals by keeping trees healthy and strong.